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5 Secrets of TonCoin 💎 That VCs Would Rather Keep Hidden

In this article, we’ll uncover the secrets of Ton Coin that people tend to keep quiet about because they can potentially make you wealthy and ultimately happier.

In 2023, while the crypto market faced challenges, Ton Coin users thrived. Wondering why? Let me break it down for you with some key insights:

Ton Coin, developed by the Telegram team, enjoyed a significant advantage from the start. Telegram raised a staggering $2 billion to build and maintain the Open Network, also known as TON or Ton Coin. This gave them a competitive edge over other cryptocurrencies right from the beginning.

The Telegram team’s reputation precedes them, known for their dedication and success with their messenger app. Leveraging their expertise and hard work, the Ton Community saw substantial financial gains in 2023.

This is just one of the many secrets in the crypto world that isn’t widely discussed. As your friend and fellow developer, I’ll share detailed research about Ton Coin here:

1) The Ton Coin is community friendly cryptocurrency

In the vast landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms, choosing the right one for development is crucial. As a developer, I wholeheartedly recommend the Ton Coin. What sets Ton Coin apart is its unparalleled support for developers. Join their Telegram group, and you’ll experience firsthand their dedication to providing accurate and timely answers to any questions you may have about their plans. This level of support is unmatched by similar coins. Working with Ton Coin feels like collaborating with friends and seasoned professionals, ensuring your project finds its best home in the world’s premier cryptocurrency. Effective communication with developers is key to fostering growth within the network and ecosystem.

2) Ton Coin technology

The Ton Coin technology comprises a diverse array of services, and in this article, I’ll delve into some of its key offerings:

  • Ton Smart Contracts: Ton Coin adopts FunC as its default programming language, developed by the Telegram/Ton team. While FunC can be challenging to learn, Ton Coin offers Tact, a language similar to Solidity, to facilitate developers’ progress and simplify the development process.
  • Ton DNS: Ton Domain Name Service (Ton DNS) provides a memorable alternative to traditional Ton addresses. For instance, when transferring 1 Ton to your friend Fardin, simply use ‘fardin.ton’ as his address. It’s that simple!
  • TON Proxy: TON Proxy is a proxy technology that facilitates access to information stored on the Ton blockchain. While it’s a bit complex to explain fully, it’s important to note that TON Proxy functions differently from a traditional VPN.
  • Ton Sites: This technology enables developers to host their websites on the decentralized version of the World Wide Web (WWW). These websites can be accessed through Ton DNS and Ton Proxy, offering a decentralized browsing experience.
  • Ton Browser: Although currently under development, the Ton Browser is poised to revolutionize decentralized browsing. In the future, users will access decentralized websites directly, eliminating the need for Ton Proxy. These websites can be reached through Ton DNS, such as “fardin.ton”.
  • Ton Space: A prominent feature within the Ton ecosystem, Ton Space enables decentralized interaction with dApps and Web3 projects. Ton fully supports this feature, fostering decentralized engagement within its ecosystem.
  • Jettons: Jettons are smart contracts developed by projects within the Ton ecosystem, functioning similarly to ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network. Essentially, a Jetton serves as a token within the Ton ecosystem.
  • ETC: There are numerous additional features available. For detailed information on each of them, consider installing this website as a progressive web app (PWA).

3) Notably, transactions on the Ton network are low-cost and often free!

At present, sending a transaction on the Ton Coin blockchain incurs a low cost, often just a few cents. Furthermore, their team has slated gasless transactions for 2024 in their roadmap!

Comparing this minimal fee to Ethereum’s hefty $100 transaction fee for a swap is enlightening. Now, let’s uncover the third secret: VCs aren’t fond of Ton Coin because it undermines their revenue stream, expecting users to pay higher fees on ETH transactions.

4) A clean Roadmap is the only way to predict Ton Coin price In future

The details of Ton’s 2024 developments haven’t been officially published by their team, but we’re ahead of the curve with exclusive insights. Here’s a sneak peek at the keywords leading to groundbreaking developments:

  • Stablecoin Toolkit
  • Jetton Bridge
  • Collator and Validator Separation
  • Sharding Guidelines and Tools
  • Slashing Optimization
  • Elector and Config Update
  • Extra-currencies
  • ETH-BNB-BTC Bridge
  • Fisherman
  • Voting for Staking Pools
  • Voting UI for Wallets
  • Gasless Transactions
  • Wallet 5.0
  • Multisig 2.0
  • TON Teleport
  • TON Smart Contract Interfaces
  • User-friendly TL-B
  • TON Browser

Among them, the bridge, browser, and stablecoin toolkit are pivotal, potentially driving price surges. Stay ahead of the curve by following our news category for exclusive updates before anyone else.

5) Partners and exchanges

Ton Coin has yet to realize its full potential, with a vast list of exchanges, partners, and investors poised for potential partnerships. Prominent names like Binance and Coinbase are among them. However, it’s worth considering that they may hesitate to partner with Ton, perhaps due to reluctance or concerns about ceding market share to TON.

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